Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xkiax_bot DeepBot
xkillerbot DeepBot
xkiribot DeepBot
xleitwolf DeepBot
xlethalbot DeepBot
xliii_bot DeepBot
xlingaubot ModBot
xlumabotx DeepBot
xlunarbot DeepBot
xmaddroidx DeepBot
xmeganbotx ModBot
xmg_bot DeepBot
xmodedbot DeepBot
xnajbot DeepBot
xnathgriffxbubblebot DeepBot
xnerdbot DeepBot
xnrg_bot DeepBot
xombie_bot DeepBot
xoplagues DeepBot
xorbot88 DeepBot
xorimbot DeepBot
xoutlawbotx DeepBot
xo_dbot DeepBot
xpandaxbot DeepBot
xpanda_botx DeepBot
xplanktonbot DeepBot
xplayztvbot DeepBot
xpoeticbot Streamlabs Chatbot
xpoisonbot DeepBot
xpolicedepartmentx DeepBot
xposedbot DeepBot
xpromises___ DeepBot
xp_admin DeepBot
xq_bot DeepBot
xr2_d2 Unknown (click to correct)
xraidenbot DeepBot
xrizxbotx DeepBot
xrylcbot DeepBot
xsc00tal00x DeepBot
xsevbot DeepBot
xsgbotx DeepBot
xsgtpepperxbot DeepBot
xshotbot DeepBot
xsilence_bot DeepBot
xskullbot DeepBot
xslaybot DeepBot
xsnackbot DeepBot
xsnipingbotx11 DeepBot
xsonicbotx DeepBot
xsquibbyx DeepBot