Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
zanthia21 DeepBot
zantorbot JopeBot
zapsbot DeepBot
zapzapbot DeepBot
zarakibankai DeepBot
zarinazbot DeepBot
zarinebot DeepBot
zatybot DeepBot
zatyrnbot DeepBot
zaubercouchkeks DeepBot
zauberkugelschreiber DeepBot
zaubermeister DeepBot
zavbot DeepBot
zaxxbot ModBot
zaykabolt DeepBot
zayubot DeepBot
za_bot DeepBot
zbearbot DeepBot
zbot DeepBot
zbot83 DeepBot
zcetusbot DeepBot
zdawgbot DeepBot
zeakersbot ModBot
zebbebot DeepBot
zecookiebot DeepBot
zedlogbot DeepBot
zeeeptvbot DeepBot
zeee_bot DeepBot
zeeffcoinb0t ModBot
zeeff_bank ModBot
zeenigamibot DeepBot
zeezbot DeepBot
zefiebot ModBot
zeframbot DeepBot
zegoatttbot DeepBot
zeitaffebot__ DeepBot
zekeybot ModBot
zeke_bot DeepBot
zekittycharmbot TwitchTokens Bot (Donator)
zeldadungeonbot Streamlabs Chatbot
zeldathonbot Unknown (click to correct)
zeldobot ZeldoBot
zelekinbot ModBot
zell_bot ModBot
zelpbot Unknown (click to correct)
zenbotten DeepBot
zenny_bot DeepBot
zenoahbot DeepBot
zenobeybot DeepBot
zenwan Unknown (click to correct)