Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
vvangbot DeepBot
vvz_bot DeepBot
vycious_bot DeepBot
vyobot DeepBot
vyvbot ModBot
v_i_r_u_s_bot DeepBot
w00dl3y DeepBot
w0lfb0t DeepBot
w0lffbot DeepBot
w0lfxbot DeepBot
w0ndergirl DeepBot
w0ndersbot DeepBot
w0ot_bot DeepBot
w0rkbot ScorpBot
w0rmsbot DeepBot
w1ckedarmy DeepBot
w3ezinbot DeepBot
w4gbot DeepBot
w4ngo_bot DeepBot
waaahbot ModBot
waaallebot DeepBot
waavybot DeepBot
wabblewobble DeepBot
wachabteilungsleiter DeepBot
wache__ DeepBot
wachsames_auge DeepBot
wachtmeisterleutnant DeepBot
wackebot DeepBot
wacksonflackson DeepBot
waddles_teh_boss DeepBot
wadsw0rth DeepBot
waechterkatze DeepBot
wafebot DeepBot
waffflebot DeepBot
waffiibot DeepBot
wafflecoins DeepBot
waffling_bot DeepBot
wagon_bot Streamlabs Chatbot
waheybot Unknown (click to correct)
wahnsinns_bot DeepBot
waifusays DeepBot
wailingbell DeepBot
waiterbot DeepBot
waitress_flo DeepBot
wait_bot DeepBot
wakaboot DeepBot
wakasmbot ScorpBot
wake_bigred_bot DeepBot
waldmeisterbot DeepBot
waldred_walrus DeepBot