Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tjalkfamily Streamlabs Chatbot
tjonesbot DeepBot
tknightbot DeepBot
tko_merc_bot DeepBot
tm1nusbot DeepBot
tmaduel_tv ModBot
tmcbot1 DeepBot
tmd589bot DeepBot
tmembot DeepBot
tmkgaming_ DeepBot
tmo1990bot DeepBot
tmodebot ScorpBot
tmwbot DeepBot
tnsbot DeepBot
toad625 DeepBot
toadb0t DeepBot
toadbot1 ScorpBot
toadstoolbot DeepBot
toad_collector DeepBot
toastb0t DeepBot
toastbotz DeepBot
toastbot_op DeepBot
toasters_bot ModBot
tobifirehawkbot DeepBot
tobithebot DeepBot
tobsensbot DeepBot
tobton DeepBot
tobysbot DeepBot
todarkenbot DeepBot
todebot DeepBot
todespains_diener DeepBot
toffelbot DeepBot
tofoobot DeepBot
tofusbishbot DeepBot
tofutofubot Streamlabs Chatbot
tofu_thecat DeepBot
toiletcleaning DeepBot
tokenblackbot ScorpBot
tokenstwitchbot DeepBot
tokensullybot DeepBot
tokibotster Unknown (click to correct)
tokibot_v2 DeepBot
tokyo_bot DeepBot
tolkabot DeepBot
toller_bot_1337 DeepBot
tollesbrot_bot DeepBot
toly_tv DeepBot
tomabotmk5001 DeepBot
tomahawk_bot ScorpBot
tomate_armado DeepBot