Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
unknown_slave DeepBot
unleashed_krakenbot DeepBot
unlimited123452 DeepBot
unlimited_tv_prakti DeepBot
unplayedbot DeepBot
unrealaimbot DeepBot
unsansibel DeepBot
unsilent_bot DeepBot
unstablebot DeepBot
untamed_bot DeepBot
unterhosenbot DeepBot
unthrownbot DeepBot
untmbot DeepBot
unzzbot DeepBot
up2bot DeepBot
updownleftbot DeepBot
upeetbot DeepBot
uptight_bot DeepBot
upwt_bot DeepBot
uramazingbot DeepBot
uranium_keeper_bot DeepBot
urbanebot DeepBot
urdbot DeepBot
urden_bot ModBot
urflegacy DeepBot
urgmod DeepBot
urgybot Unknown (click to correct)
uriahbot ModBot
urmabaitbot DeepBot
uroybot DeepBot
urshiebot DeepBot
ur_bot DeepBot
usaf69 DeepBot
usaf_dronebot DeepBot
usedbot DeepBot
uther_pendargon Streamlabs Chatbot
utv_bot DeepBot
utzbot ModBot
uxguybot DeepBot
uzaylininsopasi DeepBot
uzibott DeepBot
uziscotbot DeepBot
uzkuldirector DeepBot
u_n_i_c_o_bot ModBot
v01tsbot DeepBot
v1p3rbot DeepBot
v1sionzzbot ModBot
v1tabot DeepBot
v3n0mtvbot DeepBot
v3st0bot DeepBot