Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
00xx00bot DeepBot
010000100110111101110100_ DeepBot
01001001_01010100 DeepBot
0311devildog7252 DeepBot
09mandelbot DeepBot
0atmealbot DeepBot
0billubot DeepBot
0ctopus DeepBot
0fzidebot DeepBot
0ldb0t DeepBot
0leckbot DeepBot
0megabot DeepBot
0nebot DeepBot
0oozerooo0 DeepBot
0piebot DeepBot
0rangeb0t DeepBot
0rdiebot DeepBot
0rdybot DeepBot
0ttbot DeepBot
10000mbit DeepBot
101nabot DeepBot
101vetbot DeepBot
1040_bot DeepBot
10rdbot DeepBot
116boyz_bot DeepBot
123roxanne DeepBot
16bb_bot DeepBot
1798 DeepBot
1846_d DeepBot
187erbot DeepBot
1980sbot DeepBot
1992siimon1992 DeepBot
19mikemacbot DeepBot
1armbot DeepBot
1ddbot DeepBot
1deag_bot DeepBot
1flamesbot DeepBot
1foxbot DeepBot
1fredbot DeepBot
1kghackbot DeepBot
1monky91_bot DeepBot
1mthek1ng DeepBot
1ndiebot DeepBot
1nkggbot DeepBot
1pactbot DeepBot
1ronb0t DeepBot
1salzstein DeepBot
1sg_winbot DeepBot
1slimbot DeepBot
1st_lieutenant DeepBot

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