Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
zombiesbot01 DeepBot
zombieslayerbot DeepBot
zombiesub DeepBot
zombishbot DeepBot
zombot501 DeepBot
zonerbot DeepBot
zone_bot_ DeepBot
zonko_master DeepBot
zoobybot DeepBot
zoornbot DeepBot
zoph_bot DeepBot
zopinbot DeepBot
zoranthebot DeepBot
zorbzbot DeepBot
zord0nbot DeepBot
zordbot DeepBot
zormexbot DeepBot
zorzbot DeepBot
zottel_bot DeepBot
zpkbot DeepBot
zpxbot DeepBot
zri3ardo_bot DeepBot
zrudabot DeepBot
zrusher_bot DeepBot
ztwo7onebot DeepBot
ztylebot DeepBot
zuggbot DeepBot
zugorbot DeepBot
zukashifu DeepBot
zukululuubot DeepBot
zulobot DeepBot
zulu__bot DeepBot
zupah DeepBot
zurros_bot DeepBot
zutecbot DeepBot
zuucchini DeepBot
zweilichtbot DeepBot
zwei_bot DeepBot
zwer1337 DeepBot
zwergenleitung DeepBot
zwieblomat5000 DeepBot
zykebot DeepBot
zymachine DeepBot
zympbot DeepBot
zyorhistbot DeepBot
zyphri0nbot DeepBot
zyrusbot DeepBot
zyvem DeepBot
zyzzshredder DeepBot
zzarret DeepBot

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