Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
zickenbaendiger DeepBot
zidibot DeepBot
zielbotza DeepBot
ziggythebot DeepBot
zihosquad DeepBot
ziiggbot DeepBot
zilasaur DeepBot
zilfbot DeepBot
zillahbot DeepBot
ziltchbot DeepBot
zimiribot DeepBot
zimmbot_ DeepBot
zimtpudding DeepBot
zipfelb0t DeepBot
ziribot DeepBot
zirt_bot DeepBot
ziytexbot DeepBot
zizzebot DeepBot
zjsbot DeepBot
zkarsten DeepBot
zkjux_bot DeepBot
zkmushroombot DeepBot
zlajatv DeepBot
zlatanoscarlos DeepBot
zmxbot DeepBot
znkbot DeepBot
zobiebot DeepBot
zobot5000 DeepBot
zockerbastisbot DeepBot
zockercouchbot DeepBot
zockerdudesbot DeepBot
zockergermanbot DeepBot
zockersbot DeepBot
zodahhatesnigss DeepBot
zodiacsbot DeepBot
zodsbot DeepBot
zoduh DeepBot
zoeythebot DeepBot
zogahsbot DeepBot
zohfews DeepBot
zoidspet DeepBot
zokkibot DeepBot
zokobot DeepBot
zolabot DeepBot
zolltar90bot DeepBot
zombiebot DeepBot
zombiecent DeepBot
zombiechrome DeepBot
zombieebot DeepBot
zombierella_bot DeepBot

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