Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
your_b3st_friend DeepBot
your_cpt_bot DeepBot
yoyotzxbot DeepBot
yoyoyobot DeepBot
ysuhbot DeepBot
ytalexbot DeepBot
ytarbot DeepBot
yugo_bot DeepBot
yuiragebot DeepBot
yuki_nex DeepBot
yuliabot DeepBot
yumistentaclebot DeepBot
yumiyumyumbot DeepBot
yummbot DeepBot
yummisbot DeepBot
yumpbot678 DeepBot
yungbott DeepBot
yungtrashbot DeepBot
yuricustoms DeepBot
yurixxbot DeepBot
yuskeboss DeepBot
yuslothbot DeepBot
yuukibot DeepBot
yvenette DeepBot
yvessaintlabot DeepBot
yvo_bot DeepBot
yz_bot DeepBot
z00ktv DeepBot
z0mb1ebot DeepBot
z2hbot DeepBot
z3n0b0t DeepBot
z3nsi3rttbot DeepBot
zaarobot DeepBot
zabiusbot DeepBot
zabkabot DeepBot
zablarbot DeepBot
zabrinhabot DeepBot
zachisbot DeepBot
zacklsinfobot DeepBot
zackpackgaming DeepBot
zaddymod DeepBot
zadspumpbot DeepBot
zaebaebot DeepBot
zae_bot DeepBot
zahevebot DeepBot
zahktron5000 DeepBot
zahradkar DeepBot
zahybot DeepBot
zakurobot DeepBot
zalleebot DeepBot

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