Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xp_admin DeepBot
xq_bot DeepBot
xr2_d2 Unknown (click to correct)
xraidenbot DeepBot
xrizxbotx DeepBot
xrylcbot DeepBot
xsc00tal00x DeepBot
xsevbot DeepBot
xsgbotx DeepBot
xsgtpepperxbot DeepBot
xshotbot DeepBot
xsilence_bot DeepBot
xskullbot DeepBot
xslaybot DeepBot
xsnackbot DeepBot
xsnipingbotx11 DeepBot
xsonicbotx DeepBot
xsquibbyx DeepBot
xstonerbot DeepBot
xstrikerbot DeepBot
xthebarmaidx DeepBot
xthebot DeepBot
xthechrisibot DeepBot
xthe_wraith_bot DeepBot
xthyniaxbot DeepBot
xtorgbot DeepBot
xtrfied DeepBot
xturok4x DeepBot
xtwistedxbot DeepBot
xueonbot ModBot
xunbotkin DeepBot
xuviumtv ModBot
xuxiymbot DeepBot
xuxubot DeepBot
xw4rbotx DeepBot
xwipedbotx DeepBot
xwyattxerpxbot DeepBot
xxbac0nstripsxx ModBot
xxbetabotxx DeepBot
xxbirdiebotxx DeepBot
xxblackzero DeepBot
xxbonstarxxbot DeepBot
xxbrotherbear DeepBot
xxcatbroxx Unknown (click to correct)
xxchampbotxx ModBot
xxd3f4ltxx2 DeepBot
xxdandroid86xx DeepBot
xxelitebotxx DeepBot
xxjonsnowxx DeepBot
xxkickinwingxx DeepBot