Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
yuslothbot DeepBot
yusukeb0t ModBot
yuukibot DeepBot
yuwiko Unknown (click to correct)
yvenette DeepBot
yvessaintlabot DeepBot
yvo_bot DeepBot
yz_bot DeepBot
z00bot DeepBot
z00ktv DeepBot
z0ckerbot DeepBot
z0mb1ebot DeepBot
z0mb4id_bot DeepBot
z2hbot DeepBot
z3n0b0t DeepBot
z3nsi3rttbot DeepBot
zaarobot DeepBot
zabiusbot DeepBot
zabkabot DeepBot
zabrinhabot DeepBot
zachisbot DeepBot
zacklsinfobot DeepBot
zackpackgaming DeepBot
zaddymod DeepBot
zaebaebot DeepBot
zae_bot DeepBot
zahevebot DeepBot
zahktron5000 DeepBot
zahradkar DeepBot
zahybot DeepBot
zakurobot DeepBot
zalleebot DeepBot
zaloztgbot DeepBot
zamb_bot DeepBot
zamielbot Ultimate Twitch Bot
zamnes DeepBot
zane_bot DeepBot
zangasbot DeepBot
zantarathegifter DeepBot
zanterbot DeepBot
zanthia21 DeepBot
zantorbot JopeBot
zapsbot DeepBot
zapzapbot DeepBot
zarakibankai DeepBot
zarinazbot DeepBot
zarinebot DeepBot
zatybot DeepBot
zatyrnbot DeepBot
zaubercouchkeks DeepBot