Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
whoohoo_bot DeepBot
whosbot_ DeepBot
whskytangofoxbot DeepBot
whubot DeepBot
whyn0txbot DeepBot
whys0b0t DeepBot
wibot Unknown (click to correct)
wickedbot_v2 DeepBot
wickeddbot DeepBot
wickedrpg DeepBot
wickedtoonbot DeepBot
wickeybot DeepBot
widdzbot DeepBot
wieselbert DeepBot
wifeofjinx DeepBot
wigglebot Unknown (click to correct)
wigglybots DeepBot
wiggy_bot DeepBot
wigitbot DeepBot
wig_bot DeepBot
wiidevil_bot ModBot
wikbot13 DeepBot
wikingerbot DeepBot
wikkedbot DeepBot
wikkosbot DeepBot
wikusbot DeepBot
wilanobot DeepBot
wilburbot DeepBot
wildbigbot DeepBot
wildboot DeepBot
wildeseichhoernchen DeepBot
wildiebot DeepBot
wildlifebot DeepBot
wild_luxray Streamlabs Chatbot
willforbot DeepBot
william2k_bot DeepBot
willibot_ DeepBot
willis_bot DeepBot
willowsabot DeepBot
willywick DeepBot
wilsonb0t DeepBot
wilsontherock ModBot
wimpiebot DeepBot
windudebot DeepBot
winer_bot DeepBot
wingedbot DeepBot
wingsbot DeepBot
wingusbot DeepBot
wing__bot DeepBot
wink_v2 DeepBot