Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
wwesnbot DeepBot
wwtoonbot DeepBot
wwuzbot DeepBot
wykedbot Streamlabs Chatbot
wyldbot BarryCarlyon's Bot
wyltr Unknown (click to correct)
wynnsanitybot DeepBot
wyrm_bot DeepBot
wyze_bot DeepBot
wzbot WizeBot
w_oebot DeepBot
x1seriousbot DeepBot
x3labot DeepBot
x9ers DeepBot
x9kbot X9K Bot
xadambotx DeepBot
xadosbot DeepBot
xagebotx DeepBot
xagnoscbot DeepBot
xaifubot DeepBot
xai_bot DeepBot
xalpbot DeepBot
xaltyz_bot DeepBot
xalunabot DeepBot
xamberbot DeepBot
xamplezbot DeepBot
xanbot Xanbot
xansterbot DeepBot
xarxybot ModBot
xasibot DeepBot
xasurbot DeepBot
xatarianhddbot DeepBot
xatel2 DeepBot
xaviersbot DeepBot
xa_bot WizeBot
xbabyfacezz_bot DeepBot
xbanditbot DeepBot
xbassbotx DeepBot
xbeardus DeepBot
xbeatsbotx DeepBot
xbloodbot DeepBot
xbloodxbank DeepBot
xbot117 DeepBot
xbotsofwar DeepBot
xbrownbot DeepBot
xbucksbot LoyaltyBot
xcalibot DeepBot
xcellbot DeepBot
xcherrybot DeepBot
xchillbot DeepBot