Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
x_quartermaster_x Streamlabs Chatbot
x_samusbot_x DeepBot
x_skittles_xbot DeepBot
x___ownedsbot DeepBot
y0shicsgo_bot DeepBot
yabathebot DeepBot
yabotsgotthis DeepBot
yaboysoul DeepBot
yachirubot ModBot
yackb0t DeepBot
yackfubot DeepBot
yakasubot DeepBot
yakinikubot DeepBot
yaksbot DeepBot
yandereslave DeepBot
yankerbot DeepBot
yanuiwabot DeepBot
yarn_bot DeepBot
yasssbot DeepBot
yatebot PircBot based
yattabot Unknown (click to correct)
yavabot DeepBot
yazaebot DeepBot
ybg_bot DeepBot
ydcbot DeepBot
yeahbot DeepBot
yeekbot ModBot
yee_yee_bot DeepBot
yellobot DeepBot
yelselbot DeepBot
yennbot DeepBot
yenpaibot Streamlabs Chatbot
yerrabot DeepBot
yeslikeabot DeepBot
yestersbot Unknown (click to correct)
yezzbot DeepBot
yfirebot DeepBot
yiishoon_bot DeepBot
yingbotz DeepBot
yinyang_bot DeepBot
yinybot ModBot
yisbot DeepBot
yitateebot DeepBot
ykz001bot DeepBot
ynlbot DeepBot
ynotnabot YnotnaBot
yodawgbot DeepBot
yogbot_ DeepBot
yogibot75 DeepBot
yogifambot DeepBot