Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tiggsbot DeepBot
tiggybot DeepBot
tigu_bot DeepBot
tiigerbot DeepBot
tiinino DeepBot
tiireoxbot DeepBot
tiis_sekretaerin DeepBot
tiitybot DeepBot
tijobot DeepBot
tildahbot DeepBot
tiltatron_3000 DeepBot
tiltb_bot DeepBot
tiltfabrik DeepBot
timb3rjunior DeepBot
timbosbot DeepBot
timbotonic DeepBot
time2win_bot DeepBot
timecowbot ScorpBot
timeenthusiast DeepBot
timelordservant DeepBot
timeoutwithbits Timeout with Bits
timepuppet DeepBot
timerbot2809 DeepBot
timesupchu DeepBot
time_patroller Streamlabs Chatbot
timmexxbot DeepBot
timmi4026bot DeepBot
timmybbot ScorpBot
timmyhopadawan DeepBot
timmyleinbot DeepBot
timmythebot Phantombot
timmy_says DeepBot
timoneksde DeepBot
timtambot Streamlabs Chatbot
timtimtimmeybot DeepBot
timzbot DeepBot
tinathegemsmith DeepBot
tinedgers_laggybot DeepBot
tinglbot DeepBot
tinidats1985_knecht DeepBot
tinkabot DeepBot
tinkerbell_bot DeepBot
tink_bot DeepBot
tinnabot DeepBot
tinyelfbot DeepBot
tinytinabot ScorpBot
tinyxprofessoroak DeepBot
tiokrocbot ScorpBot
tipeeebot TipeeeStream Bot
tipherganebot DeepBot