Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tuersteher_bot_714 DeepBot
tuffisc2 DeepBot
tukibotz DeepBot
tula_bot DeepBot
tullbot DeepBot
tumoxi_bot DeepBot
tuna__bot DeepBot
tundrabotx ModBot
tuner4life1_bot DeepBot
tunibot DeepBot
tupabot DeepBot
tupac_bot ModBot
tuqlasbot DeepBot
turbobotbot DeepBot
turbomobot DeepBot
turborobbiebot DeepBot
turboxbot DeepBot
turbx_b DeepBot
turdssbot DeepBot
turdybot DeepBot
turdz_bot DeepBot
turkeybotx3 DeepBot
turlsbot DeepBot
turmoil_801bot DeepBot
turnbot1 DeepBot
turtbot_911 DeepBot
turtlebeachnlbot DeepBot
turtlebot_5800 ModBot
turtlebroadcastbot DeepBot
turtledoveisland DeepBot
turtlezbot ModBot
turtlezboterino DeepBot
tussibot DeepBot
tutubot DeepBot
tuxbot TuxBOT
tvmodbot Unknown (click to correct)
tvrbot DeepBot
tvroyalebot DeepBot
tw1ztedbot DeepBot
twahtbaht DeepBot
twasibot Twasi
twazbot DeepBot
twbguild_bot DeepBot
twdbot DeepBot
twebtvbot DeepBot
tweed_bot DeepBot
twenchbot ModBot
twili_bot Streamlabs Chatbot
twingamingtvbot DeepBot
twingebot Unknown (click to correct)