Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
toquebot ModBot
torchic_bot ModBot
toribot1369 ModBot
toriksbot DeepBot
torkel83bot DeepBot
torlaybot DeepBot
tornadob0t DeepBot
tornadobot DeepBot
tornado_bot DeepBot
torphbot DeepBot
torvaldbot DeepBot
torwaktv DeepBot
totadanibot DeepBot
totallylostbot DeepBot
totallynotgalestrom Streamlabs Chatbot
totenkopf_bot DeepBot
totes97_bot DeepBot
totsbot DeepBot
tottie_bot DeepBot
totybot DeepBot
tot__bot DeepBot
touchisbot DeepBot
touchmyslog DeepBot
toueybot ModBot
toughlovebot DeepBot
tourettebot DeepBot
towelybot DeepBot
towel_bot DeepBot
toweyssecretservice Streamlabs Chatbot
toxicbreezebot DeepBot
toxiiboibot DeepBot
toxiicsbot ModBot
toxiiicbot DeepBot
toxxycxbot DeepBot
toybot_ DeepBot
tp787_bot DeepBot
tpggaming_bot ScorpBot
tphype DeepBot
tpotbot DeepBot
tppmodbot Unknown (click to correct)
tpunishmentbot DeepBot
trabbbot DeepBot
tracerbot Streamlabs Chatbot
tracksbot DeepBot
tradebutt DeepBot
tragikbot DeepBot
traglc_bot DeepBot
trahvizbot DeepBot
trainingsbot DeepBot
tramikbot DeepBot