Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xflawlessgodzbot DeepBot
xflor1987bot DeepBot
xgamerlivebot DeepBot
xgaming_botx DeepBot
xgearboxx DeepBot
xgeezxbot DeepBot
xgfc_b0t DeepBot
xgmbot DeepBot
xgoldstueckx DeepBot
xgreedybot DeepBot
xhawkbotx DeepBot
xicebotx DeepBot
xicemanbot DeepBot
xilebotzero DeepBot
xiperator DeepBot
xitsxevilx DeepBot
xitwezzybot DeepBot
xizbot Streamlabs Chatbot
xiztabot Streamlabs Chatbot
xjustxbotx DeepBot
xj_botx DeepBot
xkiax_bot DeepBot
xkillerbot DeepBot
xkiribot DeepBot
xlethalbot DeepBot
xliii_bot DeepBot
xlingaubot ModBot
xlumabotx DeepBot
xlunarbot DeepBot
xmaddroidx DeepBot
xmeganbotx ModBot
xmg_bot DeepBot
xmodedbot DeepBot
xnathgriffxbubblebot DeepBot
xnerdbot DeepBot
xombie_bot DeepBot
xorbot88 DeepBot
xoutlawbotx DeepBot
xo_dbot DeepBot
xpandaxbot DeepBot
xpanda_botx DeepBot
xplanktonbot DeepBot
xplayztvbot DeepBot
xpoisonbot DeepBot
xpolicedepartmentx DeepBot
xposedbot DeepBot
xpromises___ DeepBot
xp_admin DeepBot
xq_bot DeepBot
xr2_d2 Unknown (click to correct)