Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
the_law316 DeepBot
the_legacybot DeepBot
the_legendary_bot DeepBot
the_lions_den_bot DeepBot
the_lz_bartender DeepBot
the_madnessbot DeepBot
the_nati_bot DeepBot
the_nitebot DeepBot
the_notorious_bot DeepBot
the_organisation DeepBot
the_pack_helper ModBot
the_pawn_shop_bot DeepBot
the_pharmacy DeepBot
the_pridelands_bot DeepBot
the_puzzle_maker DeepBot
the_rainbow_bot DeepBot
the_reaper_93551277 DeepBot
the_rgg_potato DeepBot
the_sausage_bot DeepBot
the_servant DeepBot
the_sheriff_b0t DeepBot
the_showtime_bot DeepBot
the_speed_bot DeepBot
the_sunlight DeepBot
the_tk_bot Streamlabs Chatbot
the_tw_at DeepBot
the_t_spot DeepBot
the_uberbot DeepBot
the_unknown_bot Unknown (click to correct)
the_vent_bot DeepBot
the_w4r_bot DeepBot
the_war_bot DeepBot
the_xsilence_bot DeepBot
the_z_bot DeepBot
the__griever DeepBot
the__peacebot DeepBot
thfbot DeepBot
thfps1_bot DeepBot
thhstreambot DeepBot
thiccbot DeepBot
thiemobot DeepBot
thievbot8 DeepBot
thingbot DeepBot
thinkoutsidethebot DeepBot
thirdeyesderkleinehund DeepBot
thirstybot1 DeepBot
thischannelbot DeepBot
thisebot DeepBot
thisisanotherbot DeepBot
thoma5tvbot DeepBot