Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
twingebot Unknown (click to correct)
twinkbot Streamlabs Chatbot
twinkiescop DeepBot
twinnerbot DeepBot
twinxbot01 DeepBot
twipkr Twip
twistedbot91 DeepBot
twistedbot94 DeepBot
twistedgamerbot DeepBot
twisted_bot DeepBot
twistmodbot DeepBot
twitchalerts Streamlabs
twitchbank DeepBot
twitchbothanschii DeepBot
twitchbot_aussie DeepBot
twitchcancermonitor Twitch Cancer
twitchgatebot Unknown (click to correct)
twitchhighlight Twitch Highlighter
twitchiebot1 DeepBot
twitchingood DeepBot
twitchkontrolle Streamfinity
twitchmunkbot DeepBot
twitchnotify Unknown (click to correct)
twitchntd TwitchTokens Bot (Donator)
twitchraidslivebot Twitch Raids
twitchsplit Custom mIRC Script
twitchswitchbot DeepBot
twitchtokensbot TwitchTokens Bot
twitchusermusicbot DeepBot
twitchyayincisibot DeepBot
twitchysbot DeepBot
twitch_assistent DeepBot
twitch_bet_tv_bot DeepBot
twitch_bot_gatsby Unknown (click to correct)
twitch_sm4shbot Unknown (click to correct)
twitzbot DeepBot
twixrobot ModBot
twmcomedianbot ModBot
twoguys1couchbot DeepBot
tworeapers_diener DeepBot
twosomebot DeepBot
twostedbot DeepBot
twotonebot DeepBot
twpzbot DeepBot
twrecksbot DeepBot
twybot DeepBot
tw__bot DeepBot
txrgetzbot DeepBot
txrqzbot DeepBot
tyaebot DeepBot