Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tropbot DeepBot
trophbot2016 DeepBot
tropicanabot DeepBot
trosbot DeepBot
troubadix_bot DeepBot
troupe_bot DeepBot
troxxibot DeepBot
trruebot DeepBot
truckeraudibot DeepBot
truckersbot DeepBot
truckservicebot DeepBot
trucktittesbot DeepBot
trucrimsonbot DeepBot
trueinnkeeper DeepBot
truemirakelbot DeepBot
truepersesbot DeepBot
true_butler DeepBot
trumanw DeepBot
trumpenbot DeepBot
trundusbot DeepBot
trustingblindbot DeepBot
trustmihi_bot DeepBot
trust_bot DeepBot
truth412 DeepBot
truurobot DeepBot
truxxbot Unknown (click to correct)
trydev_bot DeepBot
tryhard__bot DeepBot
tryingtofindaloliwaifu Streamlabs Chatbot
tschindatschillabot DeepBot
tsgatorbot DeepBot
tsgmods DeepBot
tshibot DeepBot
tsixbot DeepBot
tsk_bot DeepBot
tstylebot DeepBot
tsuchiebot DeepBot
tsume_bot DeepBot
tsundere_bot DeepBot
tsyrebot DeepBot
ttdterrorbot DeepBot
ttp_bot DeepBot
ttvbeardbot DeepBot
ttvfatebot DeepBot
ttv__bot DeepBot
tuarminator DeepBot
tubbybot DeepBot
tuccibot DeepBot
tuchibot DeepBot
tuckbot DeepBot