Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tombobot DeepBot
tomcruzbot DeepBot
tomgardeabot DeepBot
tomkaibot DeepBot
tomkbot DeepBot
tommolivebot DeepBot
tommyboypdxbot DeepBot
tomobot DeepBot
tomodachi_bot DeepBot
tomo_bot DeepBot
tomsgamingbot DeepBot
tomstergamer DeepBot
tomstreambot DeepBot
tomvbot DeepBot
tom_te DeepBot
toni_raccoon_bot DeepBot
tonybot_ DeepBot
tonyonezero10butler DeepBot
tonytbot DeepBot
tonytonychopper_bot DeepBot
tonyx_bot DeepBot
toobziesbot DeepBot
tooksterbawt DeepBot
toonies DeepBot
tooshibot Unknown (click to correct)
toosh_bot DeepBot
topatobot DeepBot
topazbot DeepBot
topfragbot DeepBot
topnotchbot DeepBot
topswagbot DeepBot
top_hat_harry DeepBot
toquebot ModBot
torchic_bot ModBot
toribot1369 ModBot
toriksbot DeepBot
torkel83bot DeepBot
torlaybot DeepBot
tornadob0t DeepBot
tornadobot DeepBot
tornado_bot DeepBot
torphbot DeepBot
torvaldbot DeepBot
torwaktv DeepBot
totadanibot DeepBot
totallylostbot DeepBot
totenkopf_bot DeepBot
totes97_bot DeepBot
totsbot DeepBot
tottie_bot DeepBot