Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
thestitchbot DeepBot
thestreamfront DeepBot
thestygibot DeepBot
thesummoningbell DeepBot
thesweetybot DeepBot
theswissbot DeepBot
thetaterbot DeepBot
thetechnikbot Streamlabs Chatbot
thetemplartwo DeepBot
thetexanbot DeepBot
thetiltedbot DeepBot
thetinkerbot DeepBot
thetitan_bot DeepBot
thetoastbot_ Streamlabs Chatbot
thetruebotsrl Unknown (click to correct)
thetwitcherbot DeepBot
thetwitchquestbot DeepBot
thetwitchtvbot DeepBot
thetylerbot DeepBot
theultimatepotatoe DeepBot
theunicornbrigade DeepBot
thevaughnbot DeepBot
thevendingbot DeepBot
thevetbot DeepBot
thevickbot DeepBot
thevisibot DeepBot
thevoidbot DeepBot
thewalkingbot DeepBot
thewarden270 DeepBot
thewardensguard DeepBot
thewarmind DeepBot
thewatcher241 DeepBot
theweedbot ModBot
theweinerbot ModBot
thewenchbot DeepBot
thewirebot DeepBot
thewitchbot DeepBot
thewolfbot_ DeepBot
thewolfmean DeepBot
thewordofal DeepBot
theworldlybot Streamlabs Chatbot
thewreckedbot DeepBot
thexalunabot DeepBot
theyambot ScorpBot
theyungbot DeepBot
thezempirebot DeepBot
thezombiebot DeepBot
thezombot DeepBot
thezteambot DeepBot
the_assassin_bot DeepBot