Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
theriggedbot DeepBot
thermonuclearwarriorbot Streamlabs Chatbot
theroaringcatbot DeepBot
therobocommissioner DeepBot
therobosenpai DeepBot
therobotoverlord Streamlabs Chatbot
theroeschbot DeepBot
theroflbotr theRoflBOTr
theroxbot DeepBot
theroyalcookiejar DeepBot
therpbot Unknown (click to correct)
therunningmanbot DeepBot
therussbot DeepBot
thesaltywuffbot DeepBot
thesargebot DeepBot
thesargentbot DeepBot
thesausebot DeepBot
thescufbot DeepBot
thescumbot DeepBot
theselloutbot DeepBot
thesenzubeanbot ModBot
theshadiestbot Streamlabs Chatbot
theshadowkingbot DeepBot
theshadydeals DeepBot
theshebot DeepBot
theshinebot DeepBot
theshockbot ScorpBot
theshufflerbot DeepBot
theskinnnybot DeepBot
theslimebot DeepBot
theslothcouncil ModBot
thesmilingbot DeepBot
thesnaru DeepBot
thesnobot DeepBot
thesoapbot DeepBot
thesoldierbot DeepBot
thesonicbartender Phantombot
thesoulessbot DeepBot
thespacebro DeepBot
thespartanbot Unknown (click to correct)
thespawntrap_ DeepBot
thespicinator DeepBot
thespondgebot DeepBot
thesprinklebot DeepBot
thespyderweb Unknown (click to correct)
thesquadbot DeepBot
thesquadbot_v2 DeepBot
thestableboy DeepBot
thestahtbot DeepBot
thestevenbot DeepBot