Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
themythicalbot DeepBot
thenerdb0t DeepBot
thenerdybot DeepBot
thenicebot DeepBot
thenismobot DeepBot
theno1bot Unknown (click to correct)
thenoirebot DeepBot
thenoobsquadbot DeepBot
thenoodlebot DeepBot
thenugbot DeepBot
thenutbot_ DeepBot
theobsibot DeepBot
theoctabot DeepBot
theoddarmys DeepBot
theogdarkbot DeepBot
theogmister DeepBot
theohanu DeepBot
theoldiegamermod DeepBot
theoldmangamerbot DeepBot
theonetruecasualbot DeepBot
theonlymodhere DeepBot
theoraclex671 DeepBot
theoriginaljbot DeepBot
theorphanagebot ModBot
theorphanagebot2 DeepBot
theorybot ModBot
theoverseerbot DeepBot
thepandabotts DeepBot
thepapabot DeepBot
thepartybouncer DeepBot
thepartymixer DeepBot
thepatchbot DeepBot
thepeacebot DeepBot
thepepsibot DeepBot
thepinbot DeepBot
thepipbot DeepBot
thepizzachef DeepBot
theplayzbot DeepBot
thepokebot Unknown (click to correct)
thepootard DeepBot
thepotoobot DeepBot
thepouchbot DeepBot
thepowerbot TwitchTokens Bot (Donator)
thepoxbot DeepBot
theprimarybot DeepBot
theproudpancakebot DeepBot
theprsbureaubot DeepBot
thepuppywhobarked DeepBot
thepyrebot DeepBot
thequackbot DeepBot