Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
thekiiierbot DeepBot
thekiko_bot DeepBot
thekillerbotcho ModBot
thekingbot DeepBot
thekingsbot DeepBot
thekitbot DeepBot
thekittenfactory DeepBot
thekittiebot DeepBot
thekoalabearmaster DeepBot
thekryptobots DeepBot
thelagerbot DeepBot
thelandonbot Unknown (click to correct)
thelaserbot DeepBot
thelazygamerloyaltybot ModBot
theleeloobot DeepBot
thelegacybot DeepBot
thelewbot DeepBot
thelget_bot DeepBot
thelightbot DeepBot
thelinkobot TheLinkoBot
thelittlecub DeepBot
thelittlekittybot DeepBot
theloneliestbot DeepBot
thelotusbot DeepBot
thelovebugbot DeepBot
thelucashowbot ModBot
thelynxbot DeepBot
themachinabot Unknown (click to correct)
themadbotter DeepBot
themadhouse_bot DeepBot
themafiabot DeepBot
themagicconch_ DeepBot
themagictootbot Streamlabs Chatbot
themagikbunny DeepBot
themancavebouncer DeepBot
themanwhohastheplans DeepBot
themaskoftruth MaskOfTruth
themassivebot Unknown (click to correct)
themclegendbot DeepBot
themclovinbot DeepBot
themimion DeepBot
theminioncommander DeepBot
theminivanbot DeepBot
themodestbot DeepBot
themollybot ModBot
themoneybot97 DeepBot
themonster_bot DeepBot
themtv_bot DeepBot
themultibot ModBot
themunchbot DeepBot