Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
thecuratorbot Unknown (click to correct)
thecurrency DeepBot
thed0ughb0y DeepBot
thedaddybot ModBot
thedancingbot DeepBot
thedangchannel ScorpBot
thedankbot_ DeepBot
thedarkenedbot DeepBot
thedarkobot DeepBot
thedarkybot DeepBot
thedarthbot DeepBot
thedarthmanbot Streamlabs Chatbot
thedastardlybast4rds DeepBot
thedbot DeepBot
thedeadbot DeepBot
thededibot DeepBot
thedefender4u DeepBot
thedemigodbot DeepBot
thedenbot BarryCarlyon's Bot
thederpymemebot Unknown (click to correct)
thedesbot DeepBot
thedestroyersbot Streamlabs Chatbot
thedicerbot DeepBot
thedirtiestbot DeepBot
thedmdlpbot DeepBot
thedmknowsall DeepBot
thedoghousebot DeepBot
thedogobot DeepBot
thedollbot ModBot
thedomocracybot DeepBot
thedonbot DeepBot
thedonkeybot DeepBot
thedragon TheDragon
thedragonsdenbot DeepBot
thedreadwyrm DeepBot
thedreamerbot DeepBot
thedrillinstructor DeepBot
thedroneboat DeepBot
thedubbot DeepBot
thedudes420bot DeepBot
thedudesbot DeepBot
theduke211gamingbot DeepBot
thedutchness DeepBot
theebeardedbot DeepBot
theecheesebot DeepBot
theefrostbot DeepBot
theegingerbot DeepBot
theekkobot DeepBot
theempirebot DeepBot
theempoweredbot DeepBot