Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
snekbot DeepBot
snekythesnake ModBot
snell_o_tron DeepBot
snglttrs DeepBot
snipeabot86 ScorpBot
snipeednox_bot DeepBot
sniper96_bot DeepBot
sniperbot32 DudeBot
snipercatbot DeepBot
sniperdragon32bot DeepBot
sniperrbot DeepBot
sniper_vigorousbot DeepBot
snipesmrbotman DeepBot
snitch_bot DeepBot
snitv_bot DeepBot
snobot ModBot
snoodzbot DeepBot
snoogansbot DeepBot
snookibot pajbot
snooperbot Streamlabs Chatbot
snoopy227bot DeepBot
snorkiebot DeepBot
snorlaxb0t DeepBot
snorlax__bot ModBot
snotrbot ScorpBot
snowb0t DeepBot
snowball36 DeepBot
snowbot14 DeepBot
snowbot3000 DeepBot
snowcaitybot DeepBot
snowmeebot DeepBot
snowybot DeepBot
snow_bot_ DeepBot
snspizzabot DeepBot
snuffardor DeepBot
snuggleb0t DeepBot
snurrel DeepBot
snusbot pajbot
snxbot_ DeepBot
soarbot DeepBot
soccerwomanbot DeepBot
sochibot DeepBot
socialblade Unknown (click to correct)
socialtaggert DeepBot
sociopathicrobot DeepBot
sockfm DeepBot
sockwarehouse DeepBot
soda_pop_tv_bot DeepBot
sodi_pop_bot DeepBot
sodybot DeepBot