Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
slothtron DeepBot
slovvlyybot DeepBot
slowpoke_sandra_bot DeepBot
slowton2 Unknown (click to correct)
sloxxbot DeepBot
slugbucks DeepBot
sluggerbot DeepBot
sluggl_o_bot Unknown (click to correct)
sluha_smecky DeepBot
sluicebot DeepBot
slumerican_nation_bot DeepBot
slumphbot DeepBot
slunksbot DeepBot
slurrreligion DeepBot
slushbot DeepBot
sluzebnik DeepBot
slybot2021 DeepBot
slyocebot DeepBot
slysbot DeepBot
sm0ke_b0t DeepBot
sm1thbot DeepBot
smallcravey_bot DeepBot
smallplaysron DeepBot
smallpotatobot DeepBot
smallstv_bot DeepBot
smartcorebot Streamlabs Chatbot
smarttornadobot DeepBot
smartyboter DeepBot
smash4bot Smash4Bot
smash4ubot Smash4UBot
smash64bot DeepBot
smashbott DeepBot
smashbot_ Unknown (click to correct)
smashersbot DeepBot
smashgamingbot DeepBot
smashoxbot DeepBot
smashstevebot DeepBot
smatibot 99DamageBot
smaysbot DeepBot
smbot42 DeepBot
smedbot DeepBot
smelldrone DeepBot
smexybots DeepBot
smidge_bot DeepBot
smienkasaurus_bot DeepBot
smiggybot DeepBot
smilebot DeepBot
smileydaddy DeepBot
smiliesbot DeepBot
smirkybot DeepBot