Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
abotniks DeepBot
abovethemall_bot DeepBot
abriw00t DeepBot
abrokehoesdream DeepBot
absinth_bot DeepBot
abu_bot DeepBot
abyssbot733 DeepBot
ac3stralian DeepBot
academycarl DeepBot
accidentalbot_ DeepBot
accident_bot DeepBot
accoladebot DeepBot
accountantbot DeepBot
ace1564tv DeepBot
ace1868bot DeepBot
acebot Unknown (click to correct)
acebotimus DeepBot
acebots Acebots III
acecrackbot DeepBot
acedone_bot DeepBot
acegamblebot DeepBot
aceinthechatbot DeepBot
acembot DeepBot
acereko DeepBot
acerwiz DeepBot
acesbot1 DeepBot
aceslavebot ModBot
acfsupport DeepBot
acgc_bot DeepBot
acheronbot DeepBot
achievedbot DeepBot
achilles_bot DeepBot
acidgunfirebot DeepBot
ackbot GeoBot
ackdroid DeepBot
ackjakbot DeepBot
acoins DeepBot
acornbot DeepBot
acornbot_ DeepBot
acoubot DeepBot
actionb0t DeepBot
actuallybot DeepBot
ac_kleine_gruene_exe_tv DeepBot
adam122889bot DeepBot
adamman1130botty DeepBot
adaptivbot DeepBot
addictedgamingbot DeepBot
addictivebadgerbot DeepBot
adeladeexe Unknown (click to correct)
ademonicbot DeepBot