Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
5mlifebot DeepBot
5p3c14l_vi DeepBot
5pinne Streamlabs Chatbot
5quidbot DeepBot
5ya_tso DeepBot
6000kbps DeepBot
68whiskeybot DeepBot
6ixbot DeepBot
6t4bitesbot DeepBot
738bot DeepBot
777bot DeepBot
7alphabot DeepBot
7imber_bot DeepBot
7temp_bot DeepBot
887bot DeepBot
8bit8bot DeepBot
8bitbossman DeepBot
8bitbotfish DeepBot
8bit_reggie DeepBot
8bothero DeepBot
8eanerbot DeepBot
8ullbot DeepBot
90skidsuperbot DeepBot
94bot DeepBot
99damagebot 99DamageBot
99damagenotifier 99DamageBot
99skillbot DeepBot
9mmbot DeepBot
9to5bot DeepBot
a1_b0t DeepBot
a5vbot A5VBot
a8bot DeepBot
aaronator_bot DeepBot
aasketeer DeepBot
aavocadobot Unknown (click to correct)
aayabot QuorraBot
aazzbot Streamlabs Chatbot
ababot DeepBot
abaddon_esportsbot DeepBot
abahbot Unknown (click to correct)
aba_bot DeepBot
abbis_bot Phantombot
abductbot DeepBot
abeardedbot ModBot
abeilleamiel Streamlabs Chatbot
abfalllager DeepBot
abhazec_bot DeepBot
abichuelillo DeepBot
abindieecke DeepBot
abledot DeepBot