Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
thealmightydm DeepBot
thealmightyoracle DeepBot
thealmighty_bot DeepBot
thealphabots DeepBot
theamazebot ModBot
theannoyingbot ScorpBot
theapexbot DeepBot
theapplztree44 Streamlabs Chatbot
thearchitect_bot DeepBot
thearchitect__ DeepBot
thearieusstream DeepBot
thearmysbot DeepBot
theaxelbot DeepBot
theazbot DeepBot
theazurebot Streamlabs Chatbot
thebabebot DeepBot
thebaconati DeepBot
thebaer_bot DeepBot
thebakerybot DeepBot
thebananabasket DeepBot
theband_bot DeepBot
thebanebot Node.js based
thebarty DeepBot
thebatbot ModBot
thebaubot DeepBot
thebbwolfe DeepBot
thebeamchat ScorpBot
thebeanfarmer DeepBot
thebeardedbot DeepBot
thebeardsbutler DeepBot
thebebopsentinal DeepBot
thebeelzebot DeepBot
thebetterbot Unknown (click to correct)
thebgbot DeepBot
thebicardibot DeepBot
thebigbot87 ModBot
thebiggestashole DeepBot
thebiggestboibotp JopeBot
thebiobot DeepBot
thebizsecretary DeepBot
theblackybot DeepBot
theblueantelopebot ModBot
thebluntbot DeepBot
thebobsquadbot DeepBot
theboldeagle DeepBot
thebombsquadbot DeepBot
theboneybot DeepBot
thebookie_bot DeepBot
theboonebot DeepBot
thebootymessiahbot DeepBot