Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tendo_kurama DeepBot
tenebraybot DeepBot
tenentecoronelbot DeepBot
tenentobot DeepBot
tene_bot DeepBot
tenixbot DeepBot
tenpaibot DeepBot
tenshinekubot Streamlabs Chatbot
tenshi_manager DeepBot
tensohddbot DeepBot
tentaclexbot DeepBot
tentacle_senpai DeepBot
tentbot DeepBot
tenticlebot DeepBot
tequilabit DeepBot
ter0bot DeepBot
termidebot DeepBot
terminal_bot DeepBot
termubot Unknown (click to correct)
terrabot_ Streamlabs Chatbot
terratvbot DeepBot
terrawrbot DeepBot
terrellmbot DeepBot
terrencehill_ne DeepBot
terriblebot ModBot
terriblemod DeepBot
terribleonee DeepBot
terrornubbot DeepBot
terrorteufel666 DeepBot
terussklave DeepBot
terxibot DeepBot
tesocibot DeepBot
tessabotister DeepBot
tesseract_bot DeepBot
tesserbot DeepBot
testbot GeoBot
testbotbestbot DeepBot
testenich DeepBot
tetrabotgaming ModBot
teufelswache Phantombot
texasattitude_bot DeepBot
texchatbot DeepBot
texowaste_bot DeepBot
tfinchfambot DeepBot
tfs_punbot Streamlabs Chatbot
tftron Ultimate Twitch Bot
tfuebot DeepBot
tg920bot ModBot
tgcsbot ScorpBot
tgdsbot DeepBot