Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
teambansabot DeepBot
teambattlebot Unknown (click to correct)
teambaxterbot DeepBot
teamdinobot DeepBot
teamevilmaster DeepBot
teamevils_bot DeepBot
teamflashbot DeepBot
teamgfbot DeepBot
teamgreenbot DeepBot
teaminclement DeepBot
teamjonesbot DeepBot
teamkaobot DeepBot
teammak DeepBot
teamnosleepbot DeepBot
teampixelbot DeepBot
teampmpbot DeepBot
teamprimebot ModBot
teamrazorbot DeepBot
teamrojiebot ModBot
teamseehundbot DeepBot
teamtacobot DeepBot
teamtikabot DeepBot
teamvgabot DeepBot
teamyyybot JopeBot
team_log1c DeepBot
teasebot_ DeepBot
teasemachine DeepBot
teasemebot DeepBot
teateabot Unknown (click to correct)
tea_time_bot DeepBot
tecbacon_bot DeepBot
tecbot_ DeepBot
techandjunk_bot DeepBot
techgurubot Streamlabs Chatbot
techhplaysgames DeepBot
techniqbot DeepBot
techwithjcbot DeepBot
techybot DeepBot
tecktobot DeepBot
tecsbot Tecsbot
teddybaerbot DeepBot
teddybooot DeepBot
teddychinarisbot DeepBot
teddytv01_bot DeepBot
teddytv02 DeepBot
teddytvbot DeepBot
teeb0t ModBot
teemob0t DeepBot
teetonzbot DeepBot
teezebot DeepBot