Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tarzan_bot DeepBot
tasayobot DeepBot
tashaabot DeepBot
tashibot DeepBot
tashiieebot DeepBot
tastaturhelden DeepBot
tasteebot DeepBot
tastybott DeepBot
tasty__bot DeepBot
tasyonasybot DeepBot
tatarc_bot DeepBot
tatasbot44 DeepBot
tatertrader DeepBot
tatibot DeepBot
tatls DeepBot
tatrazrout DeepBot
tatted_bad_boy ScorpBot
tattoodudebot DeepBot
tatuchef DeepBot
taubenbot DeepBot
taurebot DeepBot
tautvis_bot DeepBot
tavernwenchbot DeepBot
tawnys_hausfrau DeepBot
taylormadebot Streamlabs Chatbot
taylor_swift_me DeepBot
tayobot DeepBot
tayronbot DeepBot
taziebot ScorpBot
tbotpeppers DeepBot
tbt_bot DeepBot
tcbotten DeepBot
tchelobot DeepBot
tchourocebot DeepBot
tclbot DeepBot
tcorwinbot DeepBot
tcs_bot DeepBot
tdarkbot DeepBot
tdbanker DeepBot
tdcbot DeepBot
tdgelite DeepBot
tdkpyrobot DeepBot
tdoibot DeepBot
td_bot Unknown (click to correct)
teabagbot69 DeepBot
teachersaide DeepBot
teadipperbot DeepBot
teahouseassistant DeepBot
teama1bot DeepBot
teamastrozbot DeepBot