Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
sw0rd_b0t DeepBot
sw4g_bot DeepBot
swaedeebot DeepBot
swagbot25 DeepBot
swaggatronmach1 DeepBot
swaggs_nightbot DeepBot
swagmeisterbot DeepBot
swagmodebot DeepBot
swagttv DeepBot
swag_b0t DeepBot
swampmosterbot DeepBot
swangebot DeepBot
swanybot ModBot
swarm133bot DeepBot
swarm_intelligence DeepBot
swatbaz DeepBot
swavbot DeepBot
swdocbot DeepBot
sweaty_robot DeepBot
sweboot DeepBot
swedal2 DeepBot
sweepthebot DeepBot
sweetdreamzbot DeepBot
sweetiie_bot ModBot
sweetkeithbot DeepBot
sweetmini_bot DeepBot
sweets_bot ModBot
sweetxbot DeepBot
sweety_bot DeepBot
sweet_sour_kleinerdrei DeepBot
swexybot DeepBot
swfrbot Unknown (click to correct)
swiftlyrobot DeepBot
swiftlysquad DeepBot
swiftpoints Unknown (click to correct)
swiftsbot SwiftsBot
swiftybot77 DeepBot
swindbot DeepBot
swindybot Streamlabs Chatbot
swinebot DeepBot
swingline_stapler DeepBot
swissbot_ DeepBot
swissibot DeepBot
switchbot_ DeepBot
swixx_bot DeepBot
swizzbot DeepBot
swizzies_minion ScorpBot
swizzlerbot DeepBot
swnightmareswbot DeepBot
swolebot Unknown (click to correct)