Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
zobiebot DeepBot
zobot5000 DeepBot
zockerbastisbot DeepBot
zockercouchbot DeepBot
zockerdudesbot DeepBot
zockergermanbot DeepBot
zockersbot DeepBot
zodiacsbot DeepBot
zodsbot DeepBot
zoduh DeepBot
zodzbot DeepBot
zoeythebot DeepBot
zogahsbot DeepBot
zohfews DeepBot
zoidspet DeepBot
zokkibot DeepBot
zokobot DeepBot
zolabot DeepBot
zolltar90bot DeepBot
zombiecent DeepBot
zombiechrome DeepBot
zombieclubbot DeepBot
zombieebot DeepBot
zombiesub DeepBot
zombot501 DeepBot
zonerbot DeepBot
zonko_master DeepBot
zoobybot DeepBot
zoph_bot DeepBot
zopinbot DeepBot
zoranthebot DeepBot
zorbzbot DeepBot
zord0nbot DeepBot
zordbot DeepBot
zormexbot DeepBot
zorzbot DeepBot
zottel_bot DeepBot
zottitv DeepBot
zpkbot DeepBot
zpxbot DeepBot
zrusher_bot DeepBot
zsharkbot DeepBot
ztwo7onebot DeepBot
ztylebot DeepBot
zuggbot DeepBot
zugorbot DeepBot
zukashifu DeepBot
zukululuubot DeepBot
zulobot DeepBot
zulu__bot DeepBot

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