Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
wingsbot DeepBot
wingusbot DeepBot
wink_v2 DeepBot
winmac500 DeepBot
winnibot DeepBot
winnie_the_pooh_bot DeepBot
winningbot DeepBot
wintbot DeepBot
winterbot5 DeepBot
winterlegionbot DeepBot
wintersbot DeepBot
wintersrobot DeepBot
wintrademonitor DeepBot
winzybot DeepBot
wipeey_bot DeepBot
wiresbot DeepBot
wisch_lappen DeepBot
wisckerbot DeepBot
wiseman2015 DeepBot
wise_ancient_one DeepBot
wishbots DeepBot
wishfulgamertv DeepBot
wishisbot DeepBot
wittiebot DeepBot
wittychannelbotname DeepBot
wittysbot DeepBot
witvbot DeepBot
wizamstreamenbot420 DeepBot
wizzard_bot DeepBot
wizzibot DeepBot
wizzrobot DeepBot
woahstucker DeepBot
wobbbot DeepBot
wobblesbot DeepBot
wobblesbot91 DeepBot
wobbotffet DeepBot
wodeeebot DeepBot
woelfchenbot DeepBot
wokeskillz DeepBot
wokobot10 DeepBot
wol7watch DeepBot
wolf33bot DeepBot
wolf45bot DeepBot
wolfclanbot DeepBot
wolfdbot DeepBot
wolfforcex_bot DeepBot
wolfie2013 DeepBot
wolfieadbot DeepBot
wolfiebot DeepBot
wolfiebottv DeepBot

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