Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
superdeadrobot Streamlabs Chatbot
superdotaplayatv DeepBot
superfunb0t DeepBot
superiorsquidbot DeepBot
superjackbot DeepBot
superjaybot DeepBot
superlavenderbot Streamlabs Chatbot
superlitbot DeepBot
superneurobot DeepBot
supernicolini DeepBot
supernoodlebot DeepBot
supernovasbot DeepBot
superossi DeepBot
superpeachybot Unknown (click to correct)
supersaiyanss4bot DeepBot
supershadowbot DeepBot
superstarmie DeepBot
supertets DeepBot
supertriviabot Custom mIRC Script
supervigia DeepBot
supervisorbot DeepBot
supervisorsbot DeepBot
supherbot DeepBot
suppenudelbot DeepBot
supperrmbot DeepBot
supportivedroid DeepBot
suppsbot DeepBot
supremazy___bot DeepBot
supremesuperbot DeepBot
supremeultragod DeepBot
supreme_7bot DeepBot
supreme_overlord_laharl DeepBot
sup_bot DeepBot
surgeonrespawn_automod ModBot
surona_bot DeepBot
surrealai DeepBot
surrobot DeepBot
survivalthisadmin DeepBot
survivaltvbot DeepBot
survivalunit2887 Streamlabs Chatbot
survivor__ DeepBot
sushicatbot Streamlabs Chatbot
sushidaddybot DeepBot
sushixbot DeepBot
susln DeepBot
susp3nse_bot DeepBot
susubot DeepBot
suto_bot DeepBot
suushiibot DeepBot
suxorbot DeepBot