Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
tabot1337 DeepBot
tabtargets_bot DeepBot
tachebot DeepBot
tacibot DeepBot
tacitusbot DeepBot
tacochefbot DeepBot
tacodroid DeepBot
taconebot DeepBot
taconesbot DeepBot
tacostandworker DeepBot
tacos_droid Streamlabs Chatbot
tacotimebot DeepBot
tacotruck_bot DeepBot
taco_bot__ DeepBot
tactical_noob_bot DeepBot
tacticoolbot DeepBot
tacticz_bot DeepBot
tafflebot Unknown (click to correct)
taffybutler DeepBot
taggbot DeepBot
taijmabot DeepBot
taik_bot DeepBot
tailoredbot DeepBot
taintedbot DeepBot
taintedhbot DeepBot
taiwan_tomsbot Phantombot
takbot122 DeepBot
takbot2000 DeepBot
takissebot DeepBot
taldresbot DeepBot
talerhandel DeepBot
talianabot DeepBot
taliontvbot DeepBot
talk3derbot Phantombot
talksaboutanything DeepBot
talocabot DeepBot
talon714 DeepBot
talonbits ModBot
talontedbot DeepBot
talya_bot DeepBot
tamamaidbot DeepBot
tamamo_nobot DeepBot
tama_bot DeepBot
tammysquad DeepBot
tanellabot DeepBot
tangent_bot DeepBot
tania_bot DeepBot
tani_bot DeepBot
tankgangbot DeepBot
tannitebot DeepBot