Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
stubsibot DeepBot
studentin_bot DeepBot
studingobot DeepBot
studsbot ModBot
stuffyarmy DeepBot
stuffys_bot DeepBot
stuntbot DeepBot
stun__bot DeepBot
stupendousbot DeepBot
stupiddumbbot DeepBot
stupidsmexybot DeepBot
sturminatorbot DeepBot
sturschaedlbot DeepBot
stwb_bot DeepBot
styler266bot DeepBot
stylerbecks DeepBot
stylesbot DeepBot
style_bot69 DeepBot
stylishbot DeepBot
stylisticbot DeepBot
stylobot DeepBot
stylzbot Unknown (click to correct)
suahhhhhbot ModBot
suatabitv DeepBot
suaveebot DeepBot
subettebot DeepBot
subotshi Streamlabs Chatbot
succbot_ DeepBot
succub0t DeepBot
suchikuchibot Unknown (click to correct)
suchti_bot DeepBot
such_a_bot DeepBot
sucukdiener DeepBot
sudybot DeepBot
suessigkeitenbot DeepBot
sugahmamabott DeepBot
sugarrobot DeepBot
sugarskullbot DeepBot
sugothebot DeepBot
sugrrrbot DeepBot
suhibot DeepBot
suicidesecuritybot DeepBot
sujibot DeepBot
suknivesbot ModBot
sulabotti DeepBot
sullys_bot DeepBot
sulphisbot DeepBot
sumly90bot DeepBot
summonsbot DeepBot
sumobot_ DeepBot