Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
weatheralerts DeepBot
webblesbot DeepBot
webbybot DeepBot
webluebot DeepBot
webprinzbot DeepBot
webweaverbot DeepBot
wedgebot DeepBot
weeabot9000 DeepBot
weebsbot DeepBot
weedybot DeepBot
weeebbot DeepBot
weeezzzbot DeepBot
weehawkz DeepBot
weeniehutbot DeepBot
weewoobot DeepBot
weinschubse DeepBot
weissbot DeepBot
wekinetic DeepBot
welcomedragon DeepBot
welcometopoundtown DeepBot
weldinspector DeepBot
welfare_bot DeepBot
welshsanity DeepBot
wenkanbot DeepBot
wentzroboto DeepBot
weplaygames_bot DeepBot
werepain DeepBot
werzbot DeepBot
wesk_bot DeepBot
wessi_bot DeepBot
westerosbot DeepBot
westleybot DeepBot
westonfs DeepBot
wetardbot DeepBot
wetbagbot DeepBot
wettacobot DeepBot
wezlismyhero DeepBot
wezz_bot DeepBot
wfcoins DeepBot
wfx_matbot DeepBot
wggbot DeepBot
wh1tepho3nix DeepBot
whabambot DeepBot
whaboofbot DeepBot
whale_bot DeepBot
whapbot DeepBot
whatshappenbot DeepBot
whatthefoxxbot DeepBot
wheatenbot DeepBot
wheelie_bot DeepBot

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