Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
wolfforcex_bot DeepBot
wolfie2013 DeepBot
wolfieadbot DeepBot
wolfiebot DeepBot
wolfiebottv DeepBot
wolfiedbot DeepBot
wolfie_b0t DeepBot
wolfknightbot DeepBot
wolfleaderbot DeepBot
wolfpackadmin DeepBot
wolfpakbot DeepBot
wolfrikbot DeepBot
wolfrudelbot DeepBot
wolfsprain DeepBot
wolfs_bot DeepBot
wolfs_division DeepBot
wolfs_rudel_bot DeepBot
wolfthenium DeepBot
wolftvbot DeepBot
wolfybott DeepBot
wolf_feeder DeepBot
wolf__bott DeepBot
wolkbot DeepBot
wolleybot DeepBot
wollsammler DeepBot
wollschwein DeepBot
wololobot DeepBot
wolvenotbot DeepBot
wolverine_bot DeepBot
wolvsauthority DeepBot
wombart DeepBot
wombobot DeepBot
wonabot DeepBot
wonderdroid DeepBot
wonderenbot DeepBot
wondertradeboss DeepBot
wondertradechef DeepBot
wonk757 DeepBot
wonzbot DeepBot
woobot666 DeepBot
woodb0t DeepBot
woodbot1 DeepBot
woodennickelz DeepBot
woodikbot DeepBot
woodland_bot DeepBot
woodlumbbot DeepBot
woodstvbot DeepBot
woodybotoioi DeepBot
woodygamerx5 DeepBot
woofbot17 DeepBot

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