Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
wallybottington DeepBot
wallysbot DeepBot
wall_eve DeepBot
walranium_collider DeepBot
wal_bot DeepBot
wambolinobot DeepBot
wampabot DeepBot
wampa_bot DeepBot
wang_o_tron DeepBot
wanken_bot DeepBot
wantedkbot DeepBot
wapbot DeepBot
wapibot DeepBot
war80t DeepBot
warbot1190 DeepBot
warbotje DeepBot
wardentherese DeepBot
wardibot DeepBot
warg_bot DeepBot
warkillerbot DeepBot
warkingsclash DeepBot
warliteone DeepBot
warlordsdocybot DeepBot
warmereiter DeepBot
warningbrostv_bot DeepBot
warp3d1 DeepBot
warrengerbot DeepBot
warrior1383bot DeepBot
warriors_bot DeepBot
warstynger DeepBot
warteckbot15 DeepBot
warzihootrok DeepBot
war___bot DeepBot
waschlappenbot DeepBot
wasistdennjetzt DeepBot
wasp_bot DeepBot
wasupwithuman DeepBot
wasybot DeepBot
watchtheratbot DeepBot
watoobot DeepBot
wavesrechtehand DeepBot
waviebot DeepBot
wazzzzzupbot DeepBot
wbemodbot DeepBot
wc3bot DeepBot
wckdbot DeepBot
wdfbot DeepBot
wdzys_bot DeepBot
weaquenbot DeepBot
weasloxlive DeepBot

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