Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xw4rbotx DeepBot
xwipedbotx DeepBot
xwyattxerpxbot DeepBot
xxbetabotxx DeepBot
xxbirdiebotxx DeepBot
xxblackzero DeepBot
xxbrotherbear DeepBot
xxd3f4ltxx2 DeepBot
xxdandroid86xx DeepBot
xxelitebotxx DeepBot
xxjonsnowxx DeepBot
xxkickinwingxx DeepBot
xxkittybotxx DeepBot
xxnexisxxxhdxxbot DeepBot
xxpit_botxx DeepBot
xxrazerbotxx DeepBot
xxrenbotxx DeepBot
xxtroublebotxx DeepBot
xxxfirebotxxx DeepBot
xxxxspectrexxxx DeepBot
xx_botify_xx DeepBot
xx_d4nkbot_xx DeepBot
xx_economy_xx DeepBot
xx_skinbot_xx DeepBot
xx_wicket_xx DeepBot
xyasuobot DeepBot
xypmabot DeepBot
xzer0_bot DeepBot
x_bababot_x DeepBot
x_chronobot DeepBot
x_samusbot_x DeepBot
x_skittles_xbot DeepBot
x___ownedsbot DeepBot
y0shicsgo_bot DeepBot
yabathebot DeepBot
yabotsgotthis DeepBot
yaboysoul DeepBot
yackb0t DeepBot
yackfubot DeepBot
yakasubot DeepBot
yakinikubot DeepBot
yaksbot DeepBot
yandereslave DeepBot
yankerbot DeepBot
yanuiwabot DeepBot
yarn_bot DeepBot
yasssbot DeepBot
yavabot DeepBot
yazaebot DeepBot
ybg_bot DeepBot

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