Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
virusmainframe DeepBot
visa_bot DeepBot
visiionbot DeepBot
visobot DeepBot
visuptv DeepBot
vitaabot DeepBot
vitalicbot DeepBot
vitalsbot DeepBot
vito_bot DeepBot
vitsavatsathe DeepBot
vittelsbot DeepBot
vivarina DeepBot
vivi_bot DeepBot
vixbot_ DeepBot
vixybot DeepBot
vizb0t DeepBot
viznikgoldgrubber DeepBot
vkbossbot DeepBot
vkcharbot DeepBot
vladimir_kulix DeepBot
vladistaminion DeepBot
vlmercybot DeepBot
vlos_bot DeepBot
vlwirishbot DeepBot
vnationbot DeepBot
vnosbot DeepBot
voddbot DeepBot
voicemanbot DeepBot
voiceofvegetables DeepBot
voice_of_davy_jones DeepBot
voice_of_the_wasteland DeepBot
voiddbucks DeepBot
voidelbot DeepBot
vokel82bot DeepBot
vollstreckerbot DeepBot
voll_hammer DeepBot
voltage__bot DeepBot
voodobot DeepBot
voodoobotz DeepBot
voodoochild77bot DeepBot
voodoo_alfred DeepBot
voriibot DeepBot
vorpbot DeepBot
vospribot DeepBot
voteforpedrobot DeepBot
vovvetv DeepBot
voxybot DeepBot
vpcoins DeepBot
vrabot DeepBot
vrykolakas_27 DeepBot

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