Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xderxbotx DeepBot
xdmxredneck_bot DeepBot
xdscbot DeepBot
xd__bot DeepBot
xeanobot DeepBot
xeg_bot DeepBot
xehbot DeepBot
xelmbot DeepBot
xelphabot DeepBot
xemnybot DeepBot
xenaphroditebot DeepBot
xengineerbotx DeepBot
xenigmaticox DeepBot
xenos_bot DeepBot
xeno_bot DeepBot
xentariabot DeepBot
xentibot DeepBot
xeonwolve DeepBot
xephvnbot DeepBot
xero_bot DeepBot
xerpocabot DeepBot
xfinal86 DeepBot
xfischibot DeepBot
xfishbot DeepBot
xfish_bot DeepBot
xflawlessgodzbot DeepBot
xflor1987bot DeepBot
xgamerlivebot DeepBot
xgaming_botx DeepBot
xgearboxx DeepBot
xgeezxbot DeepBot
xgfc_b0t DeepBot
xgmbot DeepBot
xgoldstueckx DeepBot
xgreedybot DeepBot
xhawkbotx DeepBot
xicebotx DeepBot
xicemanbot DeepBot
xilebotzero DeepBot
xiperator DeepBot
xitsxevilx DeepBot
xitwezzybot DeepBot
xjustxbotx DeepBot
xj_botx DeepBot
xkiax_bot DeepBot
xkillerbot DeepBot
xkiribot DeepBot
xlethalbot DeepBot
xliii_bot DeepBot
xlumabotx DeepBot

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