Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
xaltyz_bot DeepBot
xalunabot DeepBot
xamberbot DeepBot
xamplezbot DeepBot
xansterbot DeepBot
xasibot DeepBot
xatarianhddbot DeepBot
xatel2 DeepBot
xaviersbot DeepBot
xbanditbot DeepBot
xbassbotx DeepBot
xbeardus DeepBot
xbeatsbotx DeepBot
xbloodbot DeepBot
xbloodxbank DeepBot
xbot117 DeepBot
xbotsofwar DeepBot
xbrownbot DeepBot
xcalibot DeepBot
xcellbot DeepBot
xcherrybot DeepBot
xchillbot DeepBot
xclbot DeepBot
xcloudbotx DeepBot
xconbot DeepBot
xconrangerbot DeepBot
xcorruptbot DeepBot
xcutiecakebot DeepBot
xd1bot DeepBot
xdanebotx DeepBot
xdaxdeathsarmy_bot DeepBot
xdeepbot DeepBot
xdemonbot DeepBot
xderxbotx DeepBot
xdmxredneck_bot DeepBot
xdscbot DeepBot
xd__bot DeepBot
xeanobot DeepBot
xeg_bot DeepBot
xehbot DeepBot
xelmbot DeepBot
xelphabot DeepBot
xemnybot DeepBot
xenaphroditebot DeepBot
xengineerbotx DeepBot
xenigmaticox DeepBot
xenos_bot DeepBot
xeno_bot DeepBot
xentariabot DeepBot
xentibot DeepBot

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