Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
vanwinklebot DeepBot
vapeb0t DeepBot
vapelybot DeepBot
vape_bot_nation DeepBot
varangianbot DeepBot
varanyibot DeepBot
varcanecho DeepBot
varozbot DeepBot
vashobot DeepBot
vasilis_k_bot DeepBot
vassbot DeepBot
vastcommunity DeepBot
vatonationbot DeepBot
vaultkeeperbot DeepBot
vaultopsbot DeepBot
vavankh DeepBot
vayarowsutv DeepBot
vazbot9000 DeepBot
vaztbot DeepBot
va_sith_bot DeepBot
vbossbot DeepBot
vbrucebot DeepBot
vdedicatebot DeepBot
vebott DeepBot
veed_bot DeepBot
veekxbot DeepBot
vegacybot DeepBot
vegaskaffeebot DeepBot
vegas_bot DeepBot
vegetaeubot DeepBot
vegeta___bot DeepBot
veggiebotz DeepBot
vejibot DeepBot
velarabot DeepBot
velfarisbot DeepBot
velnzbot DeepBot
velocibunny DeepBot
velvetron DeepBot
vencaofficial_bot DeepBot
vencorbin_bot DeepBot
venerebot DeepBot
venmslittlehelper DeepBot
venn_bot DeepBot
venomikbot DeepBot
venommiss_bot DeepBot
venomousbot DeepBot
ventureb0t DeepBot
venturebot DeepBot
vepla DeepBot
veraxs_mum DeepBot

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