Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
z3n0b0t DeepBot
z3nsi3rttbot DeepBot
zaarobot DeepBot
zabiusbot DeepBot
zabkabot DeepBot
zachisbot DeepBot
zackpackgaming DeepBot
zaddymod DeepBot
zaebaebot DeepBot
zae_bot DeepBot
zahevebot DeepBot
zahktron5000 DeepBot
zahradkar DeepBot
zahybot DeepBot
zakurobot DeepBot
zalleebot DeepBot
zaloztgbot DeepBot
zamb_bot DeepBot
zamnes DeepBot
zane_bot DeepBot
zangasbot DeepBot
zantarathegifter DeepBot
zanterbot DeepBot
zanthia21 DeepBot
zapsbot DeepBot
zapzapbot DeepBot
zarakibankai DeepBot
zarinazbot DeepBot
zarinebot DeepBot
zatybot DeepBot
zatyrnbot DeepBot
zaubercouchkeks DeepBot
zauberkugelschreiber DeepBot
zaubermeister DeepBot
zavbot DeepBot
zaykabolt DeepBot
zayubot DeepBot
za_bot DeepBot
zbearbot DeepBot
zbot DeepBot
zbot83 DeepBot
zcetusbot DeepBot
zdawgbot DeepBot
zebbebot DeepBot
zecookiebot DeepBot
zedlogbot DeepBot
zeeeptvbot DeepBot
zeee_bot DeepBot
zeenigamibot DeepBot
zeezbot DeepBot

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