Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
welfare_bot DeepBot
welshsanity DeepBot
wenkanbot DeepBot
wentzroboto DeepBot
werepain DeepBot
werzbot DeepBot
wesk_bot DeepBot
wessi_bot DeepBot
westerosbot DeepBot
westleybot DeepBot
westonfs DeepBot
wetardbot DeepBot
wetbagbot DeepBot
wettacobot DeepBot
wezlismyhero DeepBot
wezz_bot DeepBot
wfcoins DeepBot
wfx_matbot DeepBot
wggbot DeepBot
wh1tepho3nix DeepBot
whabambot DeepBot
whaboofbot DeepBot
whale_bot DeepBot
whapbot DeepBot
whatthefoxxbot DeepBot
wheatenbot DeepBot
wheelie_bot DeepBot
whelobot DeepBot
whickedbot DeepBot
whimsybot DeepBot
whipb0t DeepBot
whipnation DeepBot
whisibot DeepBot
whiskersxx DeepBot
whiskeythebot DeepBot
whiskytheshattered DeepBot
whis_bot DeepBot
whitebot2k DeepBot
whitebot666 DeepBot
whiteshaftbot DeepBot
whitessbot DeepBot
whitetime_bot DeepBot
whitewolf371 DeepBot
whittiebot DeepBot
whobatdk_bot DeepBot
whoisdreamybot DeepBot
whosbot_ DeepBot
whskytangofoxbot DeepBot
whubot DeepBot
whyn0txbot DeepBot

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