Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
wouwbot DeepBot
wowpizzabot DeepBot
wowtanktv_bot DeepBot
wr3kbot DeepBot
wr3kl3ssbot DeepBot
wraithb0t DeepBot
wrathofthedanklorge DeepBot
wrathsminion DeepBot
wratlh_bot DeepBot
wreckedadmin DeepBot
wreckitvincebot DeepBot
wrekinbot DeepBot
wreking_bot DeepBot
wresbot DeepBot
wrice4bot DeepBot
wrinkledcabalsbot DeepBot
wrxbot DeepBot
wsgchatbot DeepBot
wshbr_bot DeepBot
wswiftybot DeepBot
wtfnationstation DeepBot
wubbotz DeepBot
wubstachebot DeepBot
wubwuvbot DeepBot
wuffybot DeepBot
wuhubot DeepBot
wujubot DeepBot
wulfiebott DeepBot
wulleybot DeepBot
wulpia_bot DeepBot
wurfgnom DeepBot
wuthnexbot DeepBot
wutlolbot DeepBot
wuttiebot DeepBot
wutzebot DeepBot
wuzbot DeepBot
wwtoonbot DeepBot
wynnsanitybot DeepBot
wyrm_bot DeepBot
wyze_bot DeepBot
w_oebot DeepBot
x1seriousbot DeepBot
x3labot DeepBot
x9scarlett DeepBot
xadambotx DeepBot
xadosbot DeepBot
xagebotx DeepBot
xaifubot DeepBot
xai_bot DeepBot
xalpbot DeepBot

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