Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
uxguybot DeepBot
uzaylininsopasi DeepBot
uzibott DeepBot
uziscotbot DeepBot
uzkuldirector DeepBot
v01tsbot DeepBot
v1nur DeepBot
v1p3rbot DeepBot
v1tabot DeepBot
v3n0mtvbot DeepBot
v3st0bot DeepBot
v4pors DeepBot
v9inesbot DeepBot
vaccubot DeepBot
vaderbot90 DeepBot
vaheerebot DeepBot
vainebot DeepBot
val0rbot DeepBot
valarbot DeepBot
valbeinbot DeepBot
valdiobot DeepBot
valdis DeepBot
valkbotz DeepBot
valkschocobot DeepBot
valksr2d2 DeepBot
valleybeastbot DeepBot
vallhalabot DeepBot
valosbot DeepBot
valuablebot DeepBot
vamana_bot DeepBot
vamozbot DeepBot
vampaws DeepBot
vampiebot DeepBot
vampirequeenbot DeepBot
vance_o_tron DeepBot
vandaldroid DeepBot
vandalzbot DeepBot
vandal_bot DeepBot
vandebot DeepBot
vande_bot DeepBot
vandombot DeepBot
vaniljbot DeepBot
vanionbot DeepBot
vanity7bot DeepBot
vanitysfirebot DeepBot
vannibot11 DeepBot
vannilibot DeepBot
vannina_bot DeepBot
vanstreetbot DeepBot
vanthebot DeepBot

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