Known Twitch service bots

Type information is best-effort: bot types are verified when possible and else just assumed correct. Please submit a correction if you spot something wrong.
Username Type
2studly_bot DeepBot
323_bot DeepBot
32sbot DeepBot
360noscopeturtle DeepBot
3615_munina DeepBot
365gaminextreeme DeepBot
36bot DeepBot
36chambersbot DeepBot
3girls1bot DeepBot
3lkbot DeepBot
3phiebot DeepBot
3rdlegsbouncer DeepBot
3ster_bot DeepBot
3topopka DeepBot
3vil_layla DeepBot
3xcelbot DeepBot
40feetmeleebot DeepBot
420doggbot DeepBot
4a63nbot DeepBot
4aikabot DeepBot
4ever_bvbbot DeepBot
4ever_fifabot DeepBot
4gasmbot DeepBot
4k_bot DeepBot
4mvp DeepBot
4nzusower DeepBot
4x4_bot DeepBot
4yournemesisbot DeepBot
50centpeice DeepBot
50f13 DeepBot
5150bot DeepBot
5150ranger DeepBot
54lly DeepBot
57erbot DeepBot
5efaixa_bot DeepBot
5ghzbot DeepBot
5h4rkb0t DeepBot
5ivebot DeepBot
5kbot DeepBot
5m0gbot DeepBot
5mlifebot DeepBot
5p3c14l_vi DeepBot
5quidbot DeepBot
5ya_tso DeepBot
6ixbot DeepBot
6shotgamingbot DeepBot
6t4bitesbot DeepBot
738bot DeepBot
777bot DeepBot
7alphabot DeepBot

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